A bit more detail on some of our services....

The journey to

~Postpartum Planning - 

   Discuss all phases of postpartum

   Create a framework for the Fourth Trimester. 

   Birth Vision, Boundaries and Baby basics.

   Holistic Nutrition, Postpartum Depletion + Repletion

   Pantry prep, meal planning, shopping lists.​

~Ongoing Guidance on Postnatal Nutrition

   Ongoing nutrition support and postnatal repletion.

   Ongoing meal planning, food instruction, and recipe curation.

   Guidance on recipe preparation & cooking

   Guidance on immune system support

   Addressing Adrenal Fatigue

~ Ongoing Postpartum Education


    Breastfeeding guidance, establishing supply, challenges, pumping help.

    Your growing and changing baby

    Overcoming obstacles + processing the new normal + Stress Management

    Processing your birth experience

~ Ongoing Support for a mindset and balancing​

    Breathing practice techniques

    Guided Yoga Nidra and Restorative Yoga

    Baby Massage & Self Massage Techniques

~Referrals for professionals

   Pelvic Floor

   Vaginal Steaming

   Deeper Lactation Support


   Chiropractic Care

   Well Women Care


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